Tshipi’s shareholders

The corporate actions which have culminated in Tshipi’s current shareholding structure has uniquely positioned Tshipi with a set of shareholders which possess a wealth of technical, commercial and marketing know-how in respect of the mining industry in general and in respect of the manganese section of the mining industry in particular.

Ntsimbintle Mining Proprietary Limited

In 2002, nine Black Economic empowerment groups formed a consortium which was incorporated as Ntsimbintle in 2004. Safika Resources Proprietary Limited and Nkojane Economic Prospecting and Investments jointly led, and initially financed the process of applying for certain manganese mineral rights. Together they formed partnerships with national and local economic development and community companies and social trusts to complete the shareholding of Ntsimbintle. Ntsimbintle is an unlisted private company, currently chaired by Saki Macozoma, who is also the Chairman of Tshipi.

Jupiter Mines Limited

In 2007, Ntsimbintle concluded a transaction with a consortium of investors led by Brian Gilbertson (the Pallinghurst Co-Investors). Pursuant to this transaction, the Pallinghurst Co-Investors obtained a 49.9% shareholding in Tshipi. In exchange for this shareholding, the Pallinghurst Co-Investors agreed to fund certain exploration and project development costs and make certain acquisition payments to Ntsimbintle. The transaction with Pallinghurst Co-Investors led to the creation of Tshipi. Jupiter Mines is chaired by Brian Gilbertson.

OM Holdings Limited

In 2010, Ntsimbintle concluded an agreement with OMH, which resulted in OMH acquiring a direct 26% shareholding in Tshipi’s black economic empowerment special purpose vehicle company which owns 51% of Tshipi’s shares. The OMH acquisition resulted in OMH acquiring an indirect 13% stake in Tshipi. OMH listed on the ASX in March 1998 and has its foundations in metals trading, incorporating the sourcing and distribution of manganese ore products and subsequently in processing ores into ferromanganese intermediate products. OMH is now an integrated mine to market business, with manganese mining operations at Bootu Creek (Australia), alloy producing operation in Qinzhou (China) and a trading operation based in Singapore. Through its Singapore based commodity trading activities, OMH has established itself as a significant manganese supplier to the Chinese market. The group is one of the world’s largest integrated manganese producers and the third largest manganese producer in Australia by production volume. It is one of the top 10 high-grade manganese ore producers in the world in terms of contained manganese production volume. The group is primarily focused on the Chinese, East Asian and European markets. It has over 20 years’ experience in exploration success, project development and market penetration.