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Our Vision Mission and Values


Our Vision

To consistently be the largest exporter of quality manganese ore from South Africa.

Our Mission

  • Enhance customer satisfaction – By becoming a reliable manganese ore supplier of choice to our customers.
  • Become an employer of choice – By creating a safe and rewarding workplace for our employees.
  • Strive for zero waste – By meeting our goals efficiently and by using our available resources responsibly.
  • Innovate – To consistently meet the growing global demand for manganese ore.

Our Values

  • Entrepreneurial – Always looking for new opportunities to increase profits by providing better customer service.
  • Flexible – Always “thinking outside of the box” to take opportunities and to find better ways to overcome challenges.
  • Empowered – Always knowing that we are empowered team members, taking charge to make a positive contribution.
  • Hyper realistic – Always acknowledging stumbling blocks and quickly converting them into stepping stones.
  • Quality – Always committed to delivering the very best to our customers, ourselves and our team.