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Our Communities


Tshipi, strives to put social responsibility at the centre of its day to day business operations. We believe in supporting sustainable development of local communities and work tirelessly to minimise the environmental impact in the areas where we operate.

Mining is one of the largest contributors to gross domestic product (GDP) in the Northern Cape, and through its core business activities, Tshipi contributes to the South African economy through inter alia investment, the creation of jobs, procurement spend and payment of royalties and taxes.

We are engaged with the communities of the John Taolo Gaetsewe District Municipality (JTGDM) in a number of different ways, as facilitated through Joe Morolong Local municipality.

The underlying common thread of our community projects is aimed at making a direct and immediate impact on the intended beneficiaries.

  • Learnership Opportunity for Grade 12 learners from the Joe Morolong Local Municipality


    Tshipi awards six (6) Grade 12 learners from the Joe Morolong Local Municipality with a Learnership opportunity

    Learnership programmes have become a government priority with South Africa’s unemployment rate at an all-time high. Learnerships are necessary to help build a competent workforce as well as being the key towards community development. Tshipi has given an opportunity to 6 Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) who reside within the Joe Morolong Local Municipality the opportunity to participate in a Learnership programme. The learners were welcomed at the mine by the General Manager, Mr Maseko, and they will be commencing with their studies at the DeBeers Training Centre in Kimberley following that, practical training at the mine. Tshipi would like to wish the learners all the best as their endeavour into their school and work life.

  • Tshipi Bursary Meet and Greet


    The 1st Tshipi Annual Bursary Meet and Greet

    Tshipi Borwa Mine hosted its first Bursary Meet and Greet, with the intention to create a relationship between the bursary holders and Tshipi Borwa Mine. The Tshipi Bursary Programme affords school leaving pupils the opportunity to study at an institution of their choice for the full duration of their academic period. The students are recruited from surrounding communities within the John Taola Gaetsewe District Municipality and surrounding areas. The Tshipi bursary programme funds undergraduate students with a full bursary that includes, school tuition, accommodation, textbook allowance and a stipend. Tshipi would like to wish their bursary students all the best as they return to the 2019 academic year.


    An information session led by the General Manager where HODs presented their various roles within the organisation and opportunities that lie ahead for the Bursary Holders.

  • Teacher Development Programme

    As part of the educational developmental perspective Tshipi has provided valuable assistance to the teachers of JTGDM, through the provisioning of the Qualification in Remedial Education in partnership with the University of Johannesburg.

    • Scholastic assessment in inclusive classrooms; and
    • Learning support in inclusive classrooms
  • Maphiniki Rural Bulk Water Supply Project – Phase 1 to Phase 3

    The Maphiniki village water project forms part of the rural water supply projects, which deals with the improvements required in the existing water supply systems that need to be upgraded to the minimum RDP standards.
    The primary aim of the project is to provide a basic sustainable water supply within the Maphiniki village and to involve the local communities, through the Ward Councillors, to be responsible for providing local skilled and semi-skilled labour.

    Phase 2 of the project is to further extend the water supply through electrification of boreholes, pipeline upgrading, booster pumps and related works to extend the supply to the Samsokolo village.

  • Itsotso/Empire Waste Management Project

    This project forms an integral part of Tshipi’s Social and Labour Plan (SLP) initiative. The youth of Cassel, within Joe Morolong Local Municipality, have been successfully equipped with waste management skills and knowledge to enable them to offer waste management services to the businesses in their communities. During June 2016 they were awarded service provider status at the Tshipi Borwa mine. This serves as an example of how Thispi’s SLP initiatives are adding value to the communities in which it operates.
  • Construction of the new Heuningvlei Clinic

    Further to Tshipi’s Social and Labour Plan initiatives, a partnership was entered into with the Northern Cape Department of Health for the construction of the new Heuningvlei Clinic. In terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, between the two parties, Tshipi is responsible for the funding of the construction of the super structure of the clinic and the staff houses.

  • Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET)

    Tshipi is sponsoring, in partnership with the Department of Education, adult basic education training (ABET) in the communities where it operates. During the last 2 years 563 adults benefited from this initiative.

  • JTGDM SMME (small, medium and micro-enterprises) Training Development Programme

    In 2016, Tshipi initiated the JTGDM SMME training Development Programme to assist SMME’s to be innovative and to expand their horizons. A total of 475 SMME’s benefited directly from the training that was offered via this programme.

    As a direct result of the JTGDM SMME Programme, Tshipi is now able to grow its potential local supplier database by inviting the successful SMME’s to participate in the supplier selection process.

    The Tshipi SMME supporting programme is based on the following principles:

    • Focusing specifically on supporting emerging SMME’s from affected communities, which will in turn create employment opportunities.
    • Facilitating the support of various SMME’s within the communities that are not reliant on work from the mining industry.
  • Remmogo High School Science Laboratory Furnishing


    The mine has contributed towards making Mathematics and Science learning facilities accessible to the community of Maruping Village through the furnishing of the school science laboratory.